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Making a new space • Filling it with gratitude


I’ve been writing entries that are way too long for Facebook, knowing I felt drawn to pour my guts out in a blog, but I was overwhelmed by fear. Fear of judgement, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown. Hell, I haven’t even READ a blog so how could I start one? For two years people have been suggesting I blog and yet my head told me not to jump. It was as if I was standing on a platform, safely harnessed, and a large group of loving people were yelling to me to take the leap and I chose to listen to the one jerk on the sidelines who whispered “But what if you fail?”

I truly knew that when the time was right to do this blog, the nudge would come. Or, rather, the nudge that had already happened several times only to be ignored, would show up again and I’d finally follow it. Our gut is never wrong…while our head will screw with us every time. I’ve lived from a place where my gut is my alternate map for years. My head maps have taken me the “wrong” direction many, many, many times. My gut has never failed me. I got really good at ignoring my hunches and thinking myself off track. Even if the distraction and alternate route weren’t actually wrong…….they just slowed me down. Way down. Until now.

Now, I’m listening to that persistent nudge. No more excuses. I’m taking the leap. Welcome to my blog: Shifting Quickly.

The first thing I want to talk about, is one of the many lessons that can take awhile to sink in. Or at least it did for me. Apparently I can be a little slow on the uptake.


As I sit here in my quiet house…..all five kids gone, husband away, friends pulling out of my driveway after showering me with 24 hours of adventure, fun and laughter, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for everything my creator has taught me…..the years of painful lessons, the ones that kept showing up like a bad re-run, the people (every one of them an important teacher) who “hurt me”, those who inspired me and lifted me….every bit of it. All of them.

Looking inward, and I mean really looking…no filter looking…digging with assistance…has taken me to the place I once feared, dreamed of and hoped to reach….and it’s the “place” that I was told about from the very beginning. The place is called gratitude. Really? Isn’t this what Oprah told us through our idiot box like twenty years ago? Seriously? She was right? That book by Louise Hay that has been collecting dust on my shelf for 5 years was “THE” lesson?

Apparently, yes.

We are victims if we choose to be. We are powerful if we choose to be. We are exactly where we choose to be. God has given us the power to create whatever mindset we choose and to have whatever life we choose…and the blessing is that God loves us no matter what we choose.

God and the Universe (I believe God IS the Universe and that the Universe is God) will give us what we deserve when we are ready, in perfect timing….the lessons are not tests…there’s no way to fail. Yet if we don’t learn from them and move forward, we will be stuck in the same classroom for longer than necessary…perhaps for our entire life. Actually, we will move from classroom to classroom, and take the same test over and over…different teachers, same lesson.

And there’s really only one lesson. Spiritual leaders from every major religion teach it. It’s about choosing LOVE over fear…and then choosing it again…and again. Love is acceptance, freedom, grace, forgiveness, strength, abundance, joy, authenticity, courage……it’s not a feeling…….it’s a place…a way of being.

It’s a gift. And it’s a choice.


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  1. Sharon says:

    this is a great article. I can totally relate to the annoying re runs we choose in our life. It is hard to break the cycle. I have found my gut telling me to take the necessary action to break a cycle but the head brings doubt and fear in. I love your reminder that everything that happens is completely our choice and we have all the power to make anything happen! Thanks Jill for this great article xxx

  2. Leslie says:

    What an incredible journey you are on, Jill. I’m in awe of how far you have come, and anxious to see what is in your future! You’re my hero! Love you.

  3. Patti says:

    YOU are PRECIOUS, Jill..you and your gut! Blogging suits you ;-). Your real, authentic, smart, silly and disarming nature are simply addicting! I’m beyond thrilled you’ve taken the leap and can’t wait to read what inspires you next! Xo PC

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