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Soul Pieces

Soul Pieces

I have some unexpected favorites. But shouldn’t we all? Like things that define us…the part of us we can’t actually define. The things that make our guts happy for no reason. When they cross our path we say “I don’t know why, but I’m kind of obsessed with this.” Not items chosen on auto-pilot or out of habit or because we are expected to. The things that choose us. Soul pieces.

I have a few in my wardrobe. The items that will never go to Good Will, never go out of style, things I’ll never tire of and I’ll always consider the permanent fixtures in my closet. Not classic because they are classic. Classic because they are ME.

As far as fashion, I’m like Cybill. I go from preppy to hippie, from edgy to conservative, as often as the sun comes up. And I like it that way. Every part of me has a different vibe and look.

So you know how parents by definition remain solid even when the kids go crazy and stray and rebel? That’s how I see my wardrobe. The parents are my soul pieces. My can’t-live-without expressions of my identity. So yes the classic blazers and blouses, white, black and grey tees, Mother jeans, a killer boot, flat and heel. Staples for sure. No doubt. But I’m talking about things that only I call classics. Like my soul leaked out and a few items were Christened.

Leopard anything. Turqoise and sterling bracelet. Crazy floral sparkly pumps. My wedding ring. Black leather jacket. Contract necklace. Diamond earrings. Wait, I don’t actually have those yet. And last, my beloved Chuck Taylors.

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