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The day I admitted I preferred Twinkies over tofu


After years of teaching, preaching and promoting clean eating all over the US and Canada, while all mic’d up like Brittany in front of a crowd of 8000 health conscious wellness warriors, I chose to out myself. It wasn’t in the power point. It wasn’t on the teleprompter. It was as if my guts said “GET ME OUT OF HERE!!” And so it began.

I told the truth. I let them know that I was not walking their walk. I believed in their walk, and I definitely was on the same path, and enjoyed promoting their walk for sure…yet while walking, I was often stopping on a park bench to, well, eat a Snickers bar. Or five. And for once, I was good with it.

The response was beautiful. Closet sugar lovers all approached me with a big sigh of relief and said, as if in unison…..”So I’m not the only one?” I was embraced like a savior.
And the tofu eating, chia seed soaking people just laughed. They just laughed…and the energy from them was “Go girl…it’s okay.”

Authenticity always wins and it’s very good friend is vulnerability. They are always hanging out together. I’m not a perfect poster child, and I don’t want to be. And being a hypocrite is something I’m unwilling to be EVER. I’d rather be completely and unapologetically authentic. I am absolutely a fan of, believer in and voice for the wellness movement. And I always will be. Eating clean is a vital piece of health and happiness. And yet another aspect of vitality is authenticity.

I’m likely going to slip up on occasion and snarf down a Ho- Ho…and five minutes later whip up a green smoothie. Total freedom.

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  1. I’ll sit next to you on the sidelines with my cheeseburger, fries and slurpee! But only on a Friday or Saturday, lol. The other days, I’m right at the gym with a green drink next to you <3 #veganuntildinnertime

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