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The Good and Bad of Anything “New”

Converse Shoes

Oh how I love my Chuck Taylors. Tonight I fed my soul with three new pairs….white leather, kelly green and classic red. Low top. All low top. Yes, three.

As excited as I am to sport these puppies, it’ll be a bit awkward and slightly uncomfortable wearing them the first time. Breaking them in won’t be awesome. Like writing this blog. I mean, I don’t want them to scream, “Look! I bought new Chucks!” And yet they likely will until they are worn in a bit. I mean, who wants to look like an amateur? I want to appear as if I’ve had them the whole time. “What, these old things?  I forgot I even had them on! Excuse me? Oh, my blog? New? Oh no….it’s been around.”

No new smell, no tags, no crunch, just a nice, soft, hip, slightly edgy, timeless, slightly unexpected, way cool and very comfy piece that has been there all along.

It’s the good and bad of anything new, isn’t it? New shoes, a new skill, a new mindset…they all just have to be worn in a bit, tried on more than once…in fact tried on repeatedly until they become an extension of us. Sadly, many times we never get there because we resist trying anything uncomfortable, or trying something out of our auto-pilot zone. Because of the temporary discomfort we quit before the stiffness goes away…right when it’s at the peak of not-so-comfy. And this is precisely right before the fit gets just right. Just before the sweet spot.

Most women my age don’t wear Chuck Taylor’s and it has nothing to do with fear or the need to blend in. It’s simply a matter of preference. They also don’t want to write a blog or be in my messy head. I totally get that. Like me having zero desire to wear high waisted jeans. Nope. Never gonna happen. Afraid to take a fashion risk? Not at all. I just happen to think they look ridiculous.

So whatever “it” is for you…feed your soul with it. Tell the voice that tells you not to be brave and not to be bold, to stop talking or you’ll kick her in the teeth.  And don’t give up…even when you get blisters. Keep doing it, experiencing it, trying it, living it and you’ll reach the sweet spot. Just do what makes your guts giggle. Take the leap, break it in, and own it. When you do, it gives the rest of us courage to do the same. This blog is one of my “it’s”…scary, new, uncomfortable. And it’s feeding my soul at the same time. For some, these words I spill out onto my keyboard won’t be something that makes their guts giggle nor will it be soul food. For a few, it will be the perfect fit. And that’s the icing for me.

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