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Welcome to My Head

Political views, fashion, social opinions, parenting…I’m a believer in AND….not OR…AND.

Is it me being indecisive? Like how I want the salmon and the chop salad? I don’t believe so. Is it my unwillingness to commit? Nope. This is me embracing all of me and not trying to please anyone. I like seeing things from both sides…all angles.

As crazy as it sounds, my “and conversations” can be quite extreme in nature and although sometimes bizarre, they seem perfectly logical to me.

Like how I sincerely, truly, genuinely, authentically cannot stand the objectification of women, the obession with appearance and society’s love affair with unattainable perfection. AND I really want a tummy tuck to erase my post baby belly that in my eyes resembles a sharpee puppy covered in crepe paper. Flat, tight, taught, yep that’s what I want. Both are true for me. I want to embrace my body and show my kids that self love is the only way to go…that we need to love our bodies and embrace what may appear to be imperfections. I also really want the loose skin to disappear. Forever.

Or how I sat at my first NFL game and thought “Really, America? Why do we need half naked women gyrating for our entertainment? Is this really happening in 2015? Are we still okay with this?” AND I was totally thinking, “I secretly want to be her. I’m pretty sure I could rock that shit.”  Welcome to my head.

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  1. Made me giggle! Yes, you could rock it!

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