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For no reason, I was in a slump today. Tons to be grateful for, too many blessings to count, yet just off.  And although I felt I couldn’t jump into my cocoon fast enough, just before kicking off my Chucks and climbing into my comfy escape I bellied up to my computer. Within a minute, my eye caught a Facebook post and my internal compass screamed “GO THIS DIRECTION.” And so I did. “It’s Monday! Time to get our Hussle on! 6 am club! So passionate about my life.” This was attached to a meme that read “You can either sleep with your dreams or get up and go after them.”  I’ve heard this before. You have, too. Heck, I’ve likely said it. But then again, I recommend books I haven’t read, all the time, too (I actually do that). But today these familiar words hit me right in the guts. Nap time was going to have to wait.

After eight years of interacting with Loren Slocum Lahav and receiving the kindness that she throws around like confetti, I decided to check out her web site. I already knew that she is an accomplished author, speaker, health advocate, get-your-shit-together motivator, Tony Robbins coach and network marketing mogul. She’s also real, grounded, generous and a tiny ball of pure, ever-so-big, love.

Who does google searches on their friends? Well, today I’d say, “Apparently me. I do.” I had never heard her speak, never read her books. Why? I think I was threatened by her powerful and enormous energy. She was a reminder that I could play much bigger. In fact, her “Today is going to be the best day of my life! AGAIN!” attitude used to drive me crazy! I couldn’t wrap my limited vision around that kind of optimism. Today I wanted to experience her raw, authentic power. To me, Loren is the embodiment of freedom. I watched an old TED talk of hers and when I texted her about it she said “Oh it sucks.” Funny thing…her talk told a story of how we never know when our actions will help another human being. And well, that’s exactly what that “sucky” TED talk did for this human being. I realized I am and always and have been a GOYA girl. I simply forgot. Another case of temporary amnesia. I forgot I was in the club. And guess what? You are too…you just may not have discovered it yet. No invitation required. You’re in. We can have if we choose to BE. Be, do, have. Old story, yes. And yet today it got a fresh new coat of paint, in my favorite shade.

In a few days I may once again temporarily lose sight of my greatness, my gifts, my power. And you may, too. It happens. We may lose sight of who God says we are. When that happens we have the ability to shift. Quickly, or not so quickly. Shifting our mindset back to who we ARE…to gratitude…to truth. To being what it takes to have what we desire. People like Loren can actually cause that shift just because of who they are in the world. So let’s surround ourselves with voices like Loren’s. Let’s be outrageously abnormal and unreasonable about our dreams and goals.

To anyone out there who is living like a GOYA girl, keep shining. The world needs you. If you want to be, know that you already are. Own it, bring it and celebrate it.


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  1. susan says:

    you are rockin hot girl! can I hear a big fat…I’M BACK!!!

  2. Loren says:

    Jill, like you said…you never know who you can help..

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