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Welcome to My Head

Political views, fashion, social opinions, parenting…I’m a believer in AND….not OR…AND.

Is it me being indecisive? Like how I want the salmon and the chop salad? I don’t believe so. Is it my unwillingness to commit? Nope. This is me embracing all of me and not trying to please anyone. I like seeing things from both sides…all angles.

As crazy as it sounds, my “and conversations” can be quite extreme in nature and although sometimes bizarre, they seem perfectly logical to me.

Like how I sincerely, truly, genuinely, authentically cannot stand the objectification of women, the obession with appearance and society’s love affair with unattainable perfection. AND I really want a tummy tuck to erase my post baby belly that in my eyes resembles a sharpee puppy covered in – CONTINUE READING

Did I really become that girl?


I was a head in the sand nurse who couldn’t AND refused to go through a checkout lane without grabbing a candy bar, no matter what time of day. I was the “cookie Mom” for a reason, and coincidentally my kid always got “top seller.” I drank fountain Coke instead of water. I was a Mom who watched Food Network and consistently avoided her veggies while telling her kids to clean their plate. A sugar addict who was certain that Lucky Charms was the perfect meal. Not dessert…meal.

I had never ever exercised outside of three brutal postpartum attempts to sweat off the baby weight. I was allergic to all things “healthy” and refused to read labels.
How did that person become a self-proclaimed, part-time food Nazi? Oh – CONTINUE READING

Soul Pieces

Soul Pieces

I have some unexpected favorites. But shouldn’t we all? Like things that define us…the part of us we can’t actually define. The things that make our guts happy for no reason. When they cross our path we say “I don’t know why, but I’m kind of obsessed with this.” Not items chosen on auto-pilot or out of habit or because we are expected to. The things that choose us. Soul pieces.

I have a few in my wardrobe. The items that will never go to Good Will, never go out of style, things I’ll never tire of and I’ll always consider the permanent fixtures in my closet. Not classic because they are classic. Classic because they are ME.

As far as fashion, I’m like Cybill. I go from preppy – CONTINUE READING

The Good and Bad of Anything “New”

Converse Shoes

Oh how I love my Chuck Taylors. Tonight I fed my soul with three new pairs….white leather, kelly green and classic red. Low top. All low top. Yes, three.

As excited as I am to sport these puppies, it’ll be a bit awkward and slightly uncomfortable wearing them the first time. Breaking them in won’t be awesome. Like writing this blog. I mean, I don’t want them to scream, “Look! I bought new Chucks!” And yet they likely will until they are worn in a bit. I mean, who wants to look like an amateur? I want to appear as if I’ve had them the whole time. “What, these old things?  I forgot I even had them on! Excuse me? Oh, my blog? New? Oh no….it’s been around.”


The day I admitted I preferred Twinkies over tofu


After years of teaching, preaching and promoting clean eating all over the US and Canada, while all mic’d up like Brittany in front of a crowd of 8000 health conscious wellness warriors, I chose to out myself. It wasn’t in the power point. It wasn’t on the teleprompter. It was as if my guts said “GET ME OUT OF HERE!!” And so it began.

I told the truth. I let them know that I was not walking their walk. I believed in their walk, and I definitely was on the same path, and enjoyed promoting their walk for sure…yet while walking, I was often stopping on a park bench to, well, eat a Snickers bar. Or five. And for once, I was good with it.

The response was – CONTINUE READING

Making a new space • Filling it with gratitude


I’ve been writing entries that are way too long for Facebook, knowing I felt drawn to pour my guts out in a blog, but I was overwhelmed by fear. Fear of judgement, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown. Hell, I haven’t even READ a blog so how could I start one? For two years people have been suggesting I blog and yet my head told me not to jump. It was as if I was standing on a platform, safely harnessed, and a large group of loving people were yelling to me to take the leap and I chose to listen to the one jerk on the sidelines who whispered “But what if you fail?”

I truly knew that when the time was right to do – CONTINUE READING