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I’m Jill…previously self-proclaimed hot mess, forever student of life and personal growth, junk food addict turned clean eater who still loves and despises junk food and plays that losing mind game often, former couch potato turned active-but-not-quite-athletic, politically bipolar and not about to categorize myself and my beliefs, someone who fights following the crowd and proudly avoids trends, forging my own path and following my gut while secretly wanting to be liked…someone who has STILL never read a blog and chose to start one anyway.

Jill getting her "yoga" on with girlfriends

So why “Shifting Quickly”? There was no other name I could choose, really. The blog named itself. I wanted something that spoke to my soul and matched my guts. I embrace the concept of shifting my mindset quickly and yet I fight it at times. Even though I know I can have a good life without this powerful way of showing up, why would I choose anything less? In the blog, you’ll see evidence of quick—and sometimes slow—shifting. From relationships to career to interactions with strangers, you’ll see how I wrestle with my own little voice I call Nagnus—the internal doubter who tries to convince me to stay stuck, to keep replaying the old tapes that don’t serve me, and follow the default maps instead of the intentional maps that lead to new uncharted territory.

Jill wearing her warm clothes with a bunch of girlfriends wearing swimwear at the pool

I’ll share about my annoyingly long, root canal-like experience with finally embracing gratitude, transitioning from my days of being in a stuck career to now owning my life and designing my paycheck, life with three awesome birth kids and two very cool bonus kids, marriage the second time around when everyone told me I was nuts for taking the leap, my comical journey from sick and tired to thriving, along with some of my favorite things, people and causes. I’m writing for me, but also for you; well, not all of you. Like whiskey vs. everyone’s cup of tea, I realize not everyone will get me, read me, or want more of me. And I’m okay with it. Kind of.

jill hugging a doc whose owner she just met